Huge Thank You to Danielle Dimovski aka Diva Q

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I want to give a huge thank you to Diva Q aka Danielle Dimovski for allowing me to re-post her amazing interviews with the cast and producer of the new hit series on TLC,  BBQ Pitmasters.   Danielle is a fellow BBQ addict like myself, and she is also a fellow Canuck, and well she rules people.   I hope to one day cook against her somewhere, and look forward to reading her amazing blogs.   Check her out here folks: and


BBQ Pitmasters: A New Series on TLC

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So for the past 3 months I have been a part of an amazing new TV series called BBQ Pitmasters that will be a new show on TLC  ( .  It is the story of 7 BBQ Pitmasters as they travel across the country doing BBQ competitions.  It was amazing to be a part of.  My part was to drive a Honda Mini- Van full of BBQ equipment around the country for Harry Soo and Slap Yo Daddy BBQ (  In 3 months on the road I drove close to 11,000 miles all in the name of BBQ.  From San Diego to Dover Deleware and back.  It was an incredible journey, I met some amazing people, saw some beautiful places in this amazing country, and had the once in a lifetime chance to cook against, and watch, and hang out with the greatest of greats in BBQ, and the most incredible film crew in the world.   I made some incredible new friends on this journey.  So please everyone watch this new series and lets make it a success.    It premirs on TLC  on December 3rd at 10pm. Check your local listings.

CBS! (catering bbq success)

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Wow.  What a day yesterday was.   Thanks to a good friend of mine,  I did a tasting of my catering menu for the Wanda Sykes Show production staff.  It was at the CBS Studios up in Los Angeles.   I cooked Certified Angus Brisket, Duroc Pork, and did BBQ Beans, Coleslaw, and Cornbread.   Everyone loved the food, and one of the producers, Carlos, is good friends with my neighbor Dan, small world.    I was really happy that everyone enjoyed the food.  It is always good to hear people compliment you on your food.  Makes it all worth while.   It was cool being in the CBS building.   They shoot The Price is Right on the first floor, and people were lining up to get onto the show when I was unloading the food.    The Craig Ferguson Show is filmed next door, so hopefully the Notley Que will attract them as well. 

Here are a few fuzzy out of focus pictures I took with my phone.  


See you in a few.  I have some cooking to do. 


Sorry for being away for so long.

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Hey everyone.  Sorry about being away for so long.  I have been on one hell of a BBQ adventure across this country.

So I will be updating this site and the  website starting tomorrow.  Please check back every day for news, updates, photos. LOTS has happened since I have been gone.

meat is murder ass

Best Week Ever!

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Had the great pleasure of watching comedian Doug Benson tear it up at the Balboa Theater on Friday night.  Was even better hanging out with him in the green room after the show.   Check out Doug on twitter  and check out me while you are there as well You never know who I might run into next. 

Doug Benson and Me Doug B

Grilling on the Weber.

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Since it was so hot out last week I figured why not cook outside every night. I broke out the 22.5 inch weber charcoal grill and grilled up beef, shrimp, chicken, and veggie skewers. I also grilled corn, asparagus, made beer can chicken, and a couple other dishes all on the grill.   Enjoy the pictures 

Spice Rubbed Beer Can Chickenbeer can chix

Marinated and Grilled Free Range Chicken Breast Satayschx skewers

Grilled Sweet CornCorn

Olive Oil with Sea Salt and Black Pepper Grilled Green Onion raftsOnions

Spicy Balsamic Marinated Grilled Shrimp Sataysshrimp

Grilled Mixed Fresh Veggie Satays




RIP Farrah

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You were always an angel now you just get your wings…..R.I.P

Enjoy this tribute